Choose zebrafish in feng shui aquarium

Zebrafish, also known as zebrafish, is a gentle freshwater fish that can be kept with other fish. This fish is very healthy with few diseases, easy to raise, can live in small sized tanks without dying. Therefore this fish is suitable for those who are new to aquarium fish

Choose zebrafish in feng shui aquarium

This fish is quite small, when mature only reach the length from 5 cm to 6 cm. The appropriate water temperature for fish grows from 20 -28 degrees C, pH around 6.0 - 8.0. According to Tran Minh Tu, who specializes in selling ornamental fish on Hoang Hoa Tham street (Hanoi), zebrafish not only has black and white stripes but also red, yellow, ... This type of fish is quite cheap, only 2,000 VND / 1 I came to 6,000 VND / 1 child, depending on the type. These fish are omnivorous, ranging from small crustaceans, insect larvae, worms, to floating pellet feed. One way to distinguish male zebrafish is to usually have very long dorsal and ventral fins that are smaller than the females.

Although zebrafish are easy to live with little disease, they still need to pay attention to the breeding environment to ensure their development. Mr. Nguyen Van Lam (Member of the Hanoi Aquarium Association) said: “The quality of water in aquariums affects the health, development, immunity of fish, respiration and metabolism of fish to the surroundings. In order to have good water quality, it is necessary to have an effective water filtration system, you should use high efficiency filters such as external filtration, overflow filter .... Change the water periodically according to the type of fish, the number of fish ... When changing the water you should disinfect the tank to kill pathogens. In addition to the equipment commonly used in the aquarium also need to pay attention to moderate light, medium capacity water filter, aeration not too strong.

Mr. Lam also shared that currently, tap water is used quite commonly, in tap water often contains antiseptic, especially chlorine, which is harmful to fish. If this water were directly used for fish farming, the fish would probably die. Therefore, if you want to use tap water, you should pour the water into a brass bowl for 24 hours after the chlorine is gone, then put it in the tank or after the water is pumped into the tank after 24 hours to use. .

Fish should be fed just not to let the left over food to avoid making too much food that affects the quality of your aquarium water. Feed the fish 2 times / day. In addition to dry food, depending on the type of fish we should add fresh food like worms. When raising this fish, it is recommended to buy at least 8 to 10 fish for the herd to have a good life and grow.

It is also easy to breed in captivity, laying eggs on a soft substrate placed at the bottom. After laying, eggs should be separated from the parents, eggs hatch after 2-3 days. When raising fish in aquariums, it is important to note that fishes of the same habit are easy to keep together. Fish living in the same tank to avoid big fish eat small fish or big fish like carp, gold fish .... Breed with small fish such as neon fish, guppies, angelfish.