Guide to rearing and taking care of Arowana

Arowana farming  is a wise choice for homeowners who want to increase the luxurious beauty of the space, increase their prosperity and luck. Besides, for beginners and want to accumulate experience to feed the other emperors, the way of raising Ngan Long is relatively easier than that of raising Blood Long or Kim Long. However, to ensure that they are always healthy, growing fast and beautiful, you should follow some certain techniques.

Guide to rearing and taking care of Arowana

Characteristics of grouper 

Arowana farming  will help you to have a beautiful, healthy arowana and bring resources for farmers so many people choose to breed in their own houses or in the halls of the Big Store. Especially for arowana enthusiasts, this is a favorite arowana.

Because the arowana is not gold-colored like Kim dragon or the red of Blood Dragon, but it still fascinates many people because of its majestic beauty and gentle swimming style and possesses a very silver color. spectacular.

Before you start farming you should learn about their biological characteristics to start designing the arowana aquarium accordingly:

+ Arowana will have the body like a sword, is a large fish size can be up to 1m or longer.

+ Arowana is quite healthy and can be kept with large predatory fish such as snapper or other arowana. They usually lay eggs and hatch their eggs in their mouths.

The disadvantages of Ngan Long fish are:

+ Fish or broken back when growing to size> 50cm.

+ When the fish grow to size often have droop eyes that lose the aesthetics of the fish.

Instructions on how to raise arowanas and take care of them grow fast

They arowana generally do not like pellets, want to feed the practice, small fish should limit feeding shrimps and shrimps to the whole head, taking care not to use insects as the main food in the early stages, later changing the formula Eating is very difficult. Pay attention to filter water regularly, avoid dirty water will affect the fish.

When the fish reach the size of about 30-40 cm, they will begin to turn silvery white, this period needs to keep water well, turn on the lights to brighten the scales, at least 4-5 hours / day. Do not put arowana aquarium in a dark, dirty, lack of light will make the scales of the fish opaque and not beautiful. Wallpaper arowana aquarium need bright white, limited dark blue, red, orange ...

Unlike many other arowanas that are mainly reproduced in the wild, arowanas are very convenient to breed on famous farms in many Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia ... in the form of spawning. Therefore, arowana is not afraid of scarcity in the market and still has a firm foothold in the hearts of hobbyists.