How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

Arowana is raised by many people because it is considered the king of ornamental fish. They are loved by their elegance and especially the feng shui elements that bring goodness to the homeowner and ward off evil.

The price of arowana is very high, depending on the type of fish. And of course rearing arowanas is not easy either. Without knowledge of characteristics and prevention techniques, fish is very easy to die or be sick.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

Arowana diversity in color and design

1. Prepare before rearing arowana

1.1 Breeding of fish

Breeding fish is an important step. It affects the growth and development of fish later. When choosing to pay attention to characteristics such as color, shape, eyes, scales, ...

The body should  not be too big or too small, no deformities or defects such as broken beard, blurred vision. You should choose the large and long size fish (if there are whole fish to compare). Because these animals are in good health and inherit good genes from their parents.

Certain swimming  positions must be balanced, without the phenomenon of tilting to one side when swimming. When swimming, the fins must be spread. The fish must like the activity without crouching in a corner. When you see swimming fish you feel they are like a luxurious woman with a general walking slowly and leisurely. Access must forbid and spread.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

How to raise arowana is not difficult

You should not buy the fish when swimming head down, chasing the sky. When buying, you should not rush to watch them for about 5 to 10 minutes to see how they swim and work. The fish swimming around on the water or collapse a corner of the lake should not be chosen offline!

1.2 Prepare arowana tanks

Aquariums are the environment for young fish to grow and develop. So you need to design so that the length and width, height must match. If the small size is 15cm, the tank needs to be 120 x 45 x 45cm. If 30cm or more, the tank 180 x 60 x 45 cm is the most ideal.

Although it is a scene, you should not place it in places where there are many people passing by. If so the fish is very susceptible to pressure and will affect the color of the fish. Ideally, you place the fish where there are few people and there is plenty of sunlight in the morning and afternoon.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

Arowana farming techniques

This type of fish is very sensitive to light. If the lights were turned off when the lights were turned on, they would immediately panic. They will now jump out of the tank and could injure themselves. So before turning off the power completely, turn on the night light near the fish tank.

1.3 Temperature and pH

  • Aquarium temperature

Water temperature affects the growth of fish because this is its habitat. The appropriate temperature to raise is from 29 to 32 degrees C. You need to pay attention to check the temperature of the piercing rope with a thermometer to adjust appropriately for the maximum growth of the fish.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

Blood Dragon

  • PH

The pH of water must also be properly aligned. Ideally, between 6.5 and 7.5. If the pH changes suddenly, the fish will get sick and weaken very quickly. Therefore you should check the pH regularly and periodically.

2. How to raise arowana healthy, beautiful color

2.1 Food for arowana

Food for this fish needs to ensure fresh and full quality. Insects often use drugs to kill them, so if you use them to feed your fish, your tank will be poisoned!

Some species carry bacteria and helminths in the body. So make sure your fish feed is clean and of clear origin.

For babies under 25cm, feed them 2 to 3 times a day. When bigger, just once a day is enough. Avoid leaving uneaten food in the tank which will pollute. Feed them moderately so they don't feel bored. And of course you have to reward cleaning up leftovers in the tank!

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

Red arowana

You should only buy crickets and cockroaches by farmers to avoid being poisoned by insecticides. Small fishes such as Siamese fighting fish, 3-tailed fish and juveniles must make sure that they have been kept for 1 week separately before being bait for arowana. Because these fish contain a lot of worms that will spread through fish easily. And importantly, you need to feed the fish with highly nutritious food to ensure maturity.

2.2 Change the water in the rearing tank

Depending on the size of the fish you change the water 1 to 2 times a week. 30% for small and 50% for big fish. This depends on the number of fish in the tank, the volume of water and the size of the tank. This means that when you have a small tank, you change the water frequently. This fish is also very sensitive to foreign chemicals like Chlorine. When changing water, you should mix with chlorine and iron chemicals. Ideally, you should store sediment for 24 hours before replacing it. The pH of the device is usually higher than 7.0. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of water, you should occasionally add "black water" (Black Water Extract) to soothe pH. It also helps to create a familiar, natural environment like where they were born.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

The fish are quite beautiful

2.3 What is an aquarium cover?

Certain arowana tanks cannot miss the lid. The most common cause of death in fish is that the player does not use a tank cover or does not use a lid.

This fish jumps very high. In the wild, arowana often hunts insects in the branches of the tree to correctly display the lake even though they are high. If you have any room on the lid, it should be smaller or at most equal to the fish head.

If you encounter a large arowana, you should take a block of bricks on the lid to increase weight. Many large arowanas have been snagged but their owners did not jump from the lake.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

2.4 Tips to help the Dragon fish a beautiful color

Every time you admire these beautiful mermaids, colorful and freely swimming in the aquarium, you feel comfortable right? Therefore color can be said as the most important factor.

But that is only the foundation. You need to let the arowana live in an environment with very good water and good quality food to achieve the advantages.

If you want to have good water, you should have a good water filtration system and change the water regularly. Use the racket every day to remove the waste regularly and check the pH in the water regularly. Also check alum and alkalinity.

Arowana needs carotene very much to develop its appearance and color. Therefore, you should feed the whole shrimp in shells to make the color more fresh. Further feeding the fish will help increase the minerals, vitamins and fats necessary for fish growth.

3. How to release Dragon fish when you first buy it

Although they are very hard, but when brought about the pH changes, you should also pay attention when dropping them. Depending on the time of movement, the pH will gradually decrease according to biological principles. Therefore, you need to be very careful when releasing fish for the first time in the tank. You must slowly make the pH of the tank of water the same pH in the tank.

How to raise arowana in a beautiful color - bring fortune to your home

Water in the tank needs to settle before 48 hours before releasing fish. You should remove 1% of the grain salt from the water in the tank and increase the oxygen to the maximum. If there is black water then you mix with 20ml. Water quality index in the lake is: Ammonia = 0, Nitrites> 10 and pH = 6.5-7.5. Turn off the lights in the lake to balance the heat, then put the bag of fish into the lake for 15 to 20 minutes. Now you have not removed the bag! Open the bag of fish and take 1 glass of water from the tank into the bag. Pour 1 cup of water every 5p when the bucket of water is full. After 5 minutes, dip the whole bag into the lake and slowly release the fish.

You need to pay attention not to feed them in the first 24 hours!

4. Conclusion

So we have finished sharing  how to breed arowanas  ! Those who are passionate about playing this can save it to apply. Wish you have beautiful and healthy arowanas