Aquarium technique does not die

Aquarium size

When rearing aquarium fish in glass tanks, it is important to choose a tank with a large enough size, a moderate density of fish in the tank to create a clear view. The more fish, the faster the dirt becomes dirty, the faster the oxygen density decreases.

Aquarium technique does not die

For  small and medium sized aquariums  , only small fish such as goldfish, gobies, bettas should be kept. Larger glass tanks can grow larger fish, but need a jacuzzi to provide enough oxygen.

Water in aquariums

The most important factor in how to raise ornamental fish is not to die before releasing fish, to check and treat the water source carefully. Specifically:

Tap water: Contains a lot of chlorine, so it is necessary to put water in pots, brass without a lid for at least 1 day to evaporate chlorine, turn on the oxygen machine, put in a sunny place.

Measure the pH of water

Well water: the well water is only about 4-5, the oxygen content is low, sometimes it is heavily contaminated with alum so it is difficult to raise fish without treatment. Using tanks combined with strong oxygen to increase pH and oxygen for well water, can add crushed corals or activated carbon to alum removal. Usually the amount of coal will be equal to ⅓ of the water tank volume.

Temperature, light and oxygen

When rearing aquariums indoors, place them in locations that provide enough heat, light and oxygen.

The suitable temperature for ornamental fish is in the range of 26 - 28 degrees Celsius, if only a few degrees difference, the fish still live well.

Aquariums should be placed in a cool place, not too dark or too dark, make fish sick for a long time, and do not let the sun shine directly to increase the temperature of the water. Limiting the direct impact from sun and rain.
Oxygen aerators need to be turned on 24/24, with tanks over 60cm in size, they also need a water filter. As for some small aquariums, fish that do not need an oxygen machine, they just need to pay attention to change the water regularly. The longer you raise the aquarium technique, the more you will know then what kind of fish to use.