The use of leaves for ornamental fish?

Have you ever raised aquarium fish? Did you know that the eagle leaf has effects on the Betta strain? How to prepare eagle leaves for your aquarium? Let's find out about good applications of eagle leaf

The leaves are effective at lowering the pH of water but not significantly. The leaf of the eagle contains violaxanthin, violeoxanthin, lutheinepoxide and two more luthein-izomer substances, which are very useful for ornamental fish in general and betta fish in particular.

The use of leaves for ornamental fish?

With fighting fish

After many fights, the fins are torn, and the scales are flaked. Fish often suffer from severe losses after battles like this or after fertilization. In order to prevent the fish from getting inflamed wounds and help prevent serious injuries, people often put in an eagle leaf which will help the fish heal the wounds quickly. 

With bettas in general

In raising betta people also use eagle leaf, because eagle leaf helps stimulate fertility, protect acne from attack by bacteria, increase the number of fertilized eggs. The effect of the leaves is to keep water free of fungus, help fish not stress, prevent bacteria and other toxins. The main purpose is to prevent fins and fungi from fins. Not only that, the leaves also help boost immunity. 
Clean the dry leaves before use and should use the leaves with new water, after 1 to 2 days the leaves will turn the water brown and provide some organic acids like humic and tannic acids to the water, it Help create a natural environment for most tropical fish. The extracted Eagle leaves combined with Ammonia (NH3) in water to reduce and absorb toxic chemicals such as NH3, H2S. Ammonium poisoning is too high in the water to be eliminated. Eagle leaf extract also contains a very high amount of Calcium that few animals or  food  can provide regularly for fish, thus increasing muscle, healthy skeleton, teeth and fish fins will develop. development. 
In addition, eagle leaves can handle heavy metals in water (very harmful to fish), which is little known. About the dose, I see many online, but most of them are 1 leaf> = 15cm for 20 liters of water. Use to soak fish for 10 days! 
Note: Use only dry and fallen eagle leaves, avoid picking up green leaves to dry! After picking up dried almond leaf, you should dry it and wrap it in plastic bags to avoid moisture, the leaf lasts longer.