Experience songbird

Raising songbirds is  not difficult, but making songbirds is not easy. Check out the bird player's experiences with   songbird farming right here.

It is difficult or easy to raise lark

How to choose ca ca

Experience songbird

Choose  beautiful and beautiful songbirds , then on people must have prominent spots. Two wings crossed on the back are not on either side, the voice requires constant change of voice from low to high and then low, each song must last for at least 30 episodes. The beautiful singers all went to the mushrooms to sing and flutter their wings as if preparing to fly beautifully

Food for songbirds

With many species of birds changing the bran type, which makes the bird unstable, especially for night shifting, the bran changes should be avoided

Raising lark  is simpler than other songbirds, just adding a little egg to the stork is not fussy. Also birds eat millet peeled egg yolk peeled. If possible, make few peeled millet (sticky rice millet specializing in making multi-millet cake, each time for two egg yolks mix well exposed to the sun (note if it must be very small fire) in the lid. carefully for the bird to eat gradually.

Experience songbird

Son ca feeds on small grasses and insects, wing ants, termites, young locusts and powder worms. So should sometimes add a little grasshoppers, locusts are okay. But the most important thing is to eat vegetables. It is best to add cucumber or bitter melon to the bird cage to eat gradually. Avoid feeding worms, including both dry and fresh worms, that can cause your birds to get curly, damaged feathers, which will not take place until the next molting season.

During the stretch of stretching caucasian, it is possible to feed some fresh worms but only for the duration of fire. Paint should raise hanging cuttlefish (mai) for birds to grind mines and to provide calcium minerals.

Growing juvenile juveniles until singing, you have to take some time to raise and care, often having to molt, usually 5-7 months provided that you have to choose the right male especially caucasian we should persistence.
The songbirds are very difficult to raise, on average, they raise a flock of about 30 children, then after 6 months they can only choose about 5-6 birds, these 5-6 feed around 4-6 months, then start singing, If there is a great bird, then about 10 months is relatively singing.

Experience songbird

On average, a young ca ca is raised from an age of> 1 year to play. And about shifting lacquer, in 5-6 children keep "maybe" there is 1 promoted ... very low rate, if you want to have a good child, you should raise 5-10 then recruit good children (raise as many percentages as possible). Choosing birds or more).
With Hue folk songs, the success rate was higher. In the wild, the lark usually sings in the afternoon of 4-5pm, birds often soar up and spread their wings to sing and fall and continue to fly up. If you want to raise
songbirds, you have to be patient ... If your bird has a baby bird that is> 8 months old and has not yet sung, it seems that this bird will be difficult to recruit.

How to raise songbirds  must have enough wind and sunshine (usually one day, overcast hours need to be exposed to sunlight> 6 hours, depending on the place and experience), the longer the time of exposure in the sun, the faster the bird will come, but you must practice from If the bird has not been exposed to it in a long time, it can kill them, they do not bathe in water but take a bath in sand.
Therefore, they need to change sand in the sand, but only once a week (there is no condition). then 2 weeks), use fine white sand, otherwise you can use all kinds of fine near the beach. When changing sand, use 2 cages to close the door and drive the bird through, avoid using your hands as it will shy away. Raising songbirds if you breed is small, they often visit new birds.

I wish you success with the songbird raising experience above!