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Firefowl warbler  is a bird with a loud vocal, mimicking the voices of other birds well. The song of a sting fire, melodious, melodious, lofty, unmatched by any bird. Let's take a look at how to breed as well as how to take care  of the wildfire warbler .

How to raise fire warbler

How to breed fire warbler birds

Share how to raise fire warbler

- The trap birds are very shy, hard to tame, must keep birds in bamboo cages or large, high clouds, inside there is water, gnawing locusts (remember to cut the legs to avoid the locusts), peanuts containing peanuts mix the egg yolks, a fresh deep freeze or ant eggs. We then monitor the health of the bird, see which bird goes with which food to feed. Outside the cage covered with a tight coat and hung in a quiet place for several days. Wait until the bird is less shy, then we can open the cage shirt and hang the bird where there are passersby to get used to the bird and peanuts to feed the peanut meal.

Breeding firebirds  like locusts, grasshoppers, crickets, rice worms and egg peanuts. In case the bird does not know how to eat peanut meal, we mix together the powder and worm to feed the bird, gradually the bird will get used to it and start eating the flour.

Share how to raise fire warbler

Cage  birds magpie-robin  fire cage choose 72 spokes to 90 spokes depending on the bird's tail long or short .cao 60 - 80cm for easy to manage and avoid bird's tail hits bird cage will be bad for the tail furry and white-rumped shama Pretty long and beautiful.

If you want the bird to sing hard, you can raise another female, but avoid having them see each other. The male just needs to hear the creaking and creaking sound of the female and he will sing immediately. In addition, the bird's diet in accordance with standards and completeness also makes the birds full of fire and industrious singing. In addition, industrious listening to birds with flute, music, etc. for birds to sing every day, will help birds learn more new and better voices.

A  beautiful firefowl warbler  needs to focus on 4 elements: "Shape, Thanh, Sac, Bo":

Share how to raise fire warbler

+ Shape: The head of the bar, the neck, the tapered beak (the lower edge of the beak is thin the more the birds sing), I am elongated, the tail hairs depending on the person (People like long tails, people like short tails) but if you only raise If you want to sing, just choose the ones with tail feathers to match the shape of the bird.

+ Thanh: Loud and strong birds often change their voices when singing, to choose children who sing loudly, you should choose children with mosquito nets through the mouth (sitting on one side can see through the corners of the mosquito on the other side ) ... ..

+ Shades: Coat must be close, coat color must be sharp and shiny.

+ The set (This is the decisive factor for your talent or not): In addition to the constant singing and changing voice, you also need to hit the tail and run the bridge continuously ....

I wish you success with the  way of raising fireballs !